Writer, Artist


After growing up in New Jersey, Kirsten Spruch moved to Brooklyn, NY to pursue her dream of working in the music industry. She first worked as a music publicist and one year later, found herself as the managing editor at a well-known music media site. She now works as a self-proclaimed “music person,” doing freelance work all across the board — mostly social media, events, editorial, and PR. One of her current jobs includes managing The Wild Honey Pie’s social media, where her duties include enhancing the company’s distinctive brand, keeping the audience engaged through all social platforms on a daily basis, and increasing number of tickets sold for live events via social promotion. Kirsten’s main goals are to constantly learn new things, challenge herself, maintain meaningful relationships, stay driven, and inspire people with the work she puts out into the world.

Other things you can find Kirsten doing: editing videos, taking photos (film is fun), writing and producing her own music under the alias Kirsten Izer, listening to James Blake, experimenting with food, dancing, and having long heart-to-hearts with friends.

Photo by Todd Schmiedlin